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Jack Lang

French Minister of Culture and Education

Jean Paul Léon proposes, in each visual play, a soundtrack that transports us into the heart of the artistic, intellectual and scientific history of our world… His work is one of the most beautiful homages to a people and to creation.

Lizzie Boubli

The LOUVRE Museum Curator, Paris

Truly excellent competences. Great visual mastery and undeniable poetic eloquence. Very favorable review in light of the intelligence and sensibility demonstrated by Jean Paul Léon.

Sigmund Rothschild

American Association of Art Appraisers, New York – Inc. Society of Valuers, London, England

These are paintings destined for the museums. The overall technique is remarkable and the content simply formidable.

Maître Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr

Lead Contemporary Art Appraiser, Paris

“Artists are the light of the world; they are our guides, both spiritual and wise, they are the dignity of humanity… the light in art, as Jean Paul Léon shows us, will guide us towards intelligence.”

Richard Covington

Journalist, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Times, The Smithsonian

There’s an incandescent energy here that rewards every viewing with unexpected revelations, keeping the eye and brain off-balance and alive.

Abel Rambert

Galerie Abel Rambert, Paris, manager of the work of Jules Pascin

The work of Jean Paul Léon belongs in museums, innovative, well thought out and developed with intelligence and great expertise; it’s a beautiful initiative…

Adrian Darmon

Artcult, Critic, Art Historian – Paris, London

Jean Paul Léon reveals himself as the Pope of Painting.

Nicolas Renard

Art Expert, Interior Ministry of France, Protection of Cultural Patrimony

Jean Paul Léon paints a light that excites and appeases, a light that can make uneasy or reassure, enlighten or make succumb into the shadows those who know not how to see. His eyes are the brushes that trace over the canvas the reflections of his soul. Luminous.

Prof. Alfred Gottschalk

Chancellor Hebrew Union College & Museum New York

The uniqueness of Jean Paul Léon’s artistic approach sets a new standard of artistic brilliance.

Chantal Dalmais Topaloff

Art dealer, Paris

When I first met the polymath Jean Paul Léon, I was at once seduced by the power of his charisma and by the extension of his immense culture; this latter –rich from all the influences that nourished him– is illuminated by his great intelligence and his very acute sensibility… add to that a bit of hispanic flamboyance and we finally understand the spirituality and at the same time, the sensuality that emanates from his artwork.

Professor Claude Eterstein

Author – Paris

Jean Paul Léon shows us the luminous or tormented paths of his memory, of our memory.

Palmer Poroner

ArtSpeak, New York

Jean Paul Léon eschews the clarity of Miró for greater all over patterning, handling color more and more successfully. The images seem to appear and disappear within the whole, giving the effect of dynamic movement.

Antonio Muñoz Molina

Author, ex-President Cervantes Institute, New York

Every painting confirms the wonderful humanity that seems always so solitary and so fragile but that never ever succumbs to darkness.

David Dambitsch Deutschlandfunk


The artist, philosopher and author Jean Paul Léon has come to Berlin as a world citizen and has brought with him a sharp vision of Germany from 1848 to 2010 movingly reflected in his monumental sculpture 9. November.

Jean Kisling

Modigliani / Kisling Institute Paris

Simply put, Jean Paul Léon is a genius among geniuses.

Bernard Rubinstein


The works of Jean Paul Leon move the observer, the human being seeking an expression of unity, peace, and understanding through the beauty and expression of art. Leon has a mission in his message, with each piece making its own unique contribution to its collection and to the artists’ portfolio, amplifying the power and reach of his message to the degree few other contemporary artists have achieved.