The doomed oriented pessimist

Hey you, hedonists, self-indulgent hybrid-BoBos, hipsters and posts, movie-goers in search of entertainment, sequel followers, happy-go-lucky campers, tele-pizza buffs, perennial optimists, you all weigh too heavily on the evolution of humankind. Kind? Make it unkind. Oh, the human animal. You and I. Here we are, in love with the goody-goody deed doers, rearranging a new set of approved values, all of us in search of the panacea, the eldest sister of instant redemption. Over there, alone, by himself, the doomed oriented pessimist clings desperately to the other side. The other side of the moon. The other side of the coin. Stubborn, the guy digs a hole in the ground and cowardly acts like an ostrich. -Have you ever savoured a burger made out of the meat of a big bird who can’t fly? -Yes, chicken, I have. The floor is full of chicken shit. That’s why we are sliding, skating away on the thin ice of a new day. Thanks Mr. Anderson. You smelled the catastrophe during the flowery sixties. Catastrophe? Naahh. Notice how we feel stronger every day. Better than ever. The wonder of our journey after the early seventies has been providing us with the best cards. Remedies, diets, yoga, pharmaceuticals to the top. Pills and essential oils. Plenty of sports and exercise for the softies when the real deal, The Game, serves no real purpose. Should we regroup and reshape our patterns? The ship of fools meanders through absurdity. What are we living for? Not even the vicious circle offers us a satisfactory destination. Round and round we go going nowhere. We live to be one hundred, all of us, including the have nots and those who never joined the race. The human race? No, the other, the rat race. -Runners, down to the basics: Enjoy food, take a shower, take a dump, take take take and don’t look back. Forwards or backwards, the key word is play, push play, on and off, and enjoy. Enjoy the juice, be part of it. Existential angst, tunnel of light. What if the next passage is worse than this? Once liberated from the burden -no-heaven / no-hell-, once the terrestrial body is left behind, jump on the capricious ferris wheel. Incarnated. Reincarnated. Rehabilitated. Sent to another dimension… Do we have to retain a good number of lessons? Learn. The learning. The yearning. The learning could be what learn is asking me: Please, pretty please, remove the n from my very end. So earn asks me to do the same. I close my eyes and cling to my ear when I don’t want to hear anymore. Enough!


Rat race. Vision 20/20

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