Midas’ Sofa

He had the Midas Touch; a disgruntled taste for love and glory equaled only by a disproportionate ego who lived in the shadows of his ever-mutant cyclothymic alter-ego. Some days, I used to say he was a friend of mine; others, just an acquaintance. Despotic, … Read more

A handicapped life

My wife lives condemned to a wheelchair. Something recent, an unexpected icing on the cake to her experience down here on Planet Earth among us. Aggressive peripheral neuropathy in her legs, due to a severe case of diabetes, is keeping her there, very much against … Read more


And I loved her. With my gruesome limits and my laughable limitations, I used to sing to her a convoluted medley of Paul McCartney songs. At home, her mom fed her tons of tunes from Sinatra and The Carpenters, while showing off a particular snapshot … Read more

The Jerk, on and off

Consumed by the mystery of life, I face the intrigue of death. This existence of ours seems to be based on little more than mundane intrigues. Death remains the fundamental mystery, the one and only common denominator for us all. Rich, poor; up, down; in, … Read more